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When Bodybuilding Goes Too Far



When Bodybuilding Goes Too Far

Throughout history, people have been longing for a good appearance. Tastes regarding human body beauty & Bodybuilding changed from generation to generation. But ideas of beautiful physique have been more or less shaped – now we are living in the epoch of fitness and muscles. When Bodybuilding Goes Too FarLast year men (and women) found a new way to enhance their physique – bodybuilding. Some men take anabolic steroids to have even better results. But what happens when men and women go too far with exerciseprotein pills, and endless hours in the gym?

When Bodybuilding Goes Too Far

When Bodybuilding Goes Too Far

Ewww… Is that sexy? No way.

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Top Shamanic plants to enchant your wellbeing



shamanic experience

A shaman’s mission is to control and channel energy for the purpose of achieving harmony on many levels, including those of the physical body, the community, and the spiritual realm. According to the research, shamanic and hypnotic practices improve reproductive success and longevity via psychological mechanisms. The positive effects of shamanic activities for treating mental and somatic illnesses are also emphasized. The neurotheological approach to healing and ritual has been shown to have synergistic effects on the mind.

In shamanic thought, the human body and the human soul are not separate but interconnected. And this is why shamans don’t make a clear difference between physical and mental disorders. Symptoms, pain, dreams, auras and other information are considered to be a source for diagnosis.

All parts of the cosmos are interrelated, as shamanic healers see it. We share a unity with all of creation and the cosmos. Diseases are seen more as disruptions in balance rather than as individual problems because of how firmly these concepts of completeness and oneness are established in the society. According to this worldview, discord between the physical and spiritual realms is a major contributor to mental and physical pain. That’s why shamanic healing focuses on the whole person, not just the hurt or the symptoms.

4762245 Top Shamanic plants to enchant your wellbeing


The production of hapé involves mixing powdered medicinal herbs—often with tobacco—with a base. Mapacho is commonly used to make hapé, which has benefits that are superior to those of most other naturally occurring plant-based substances in terms of alertness and uplift.

Because the powdered snuff is inhaled through the nose, rather than swallowed, the effects of hapé are felt almost immediately and are quite potent. The custom of inhaling powdered plant remedies through the nose is far older than we initially thought (going back to pre-Columbian times), and it was initially noted among the indigenous peoples of Brazil. You can learn more about Hapé.


Ayahuasca, often known as yagé, is a psychedelic beverage made from several plant infusions and the Banisteriopsis caapi vine that is rapidly gaining international appeal. It’s either blended with the leaves of DMT-containing bushes from the genus Psychotria or with the leaves of the Justicia pectoralis plant (which does not contain DMT).

Many indigenous Amazonian people think they received the instructions straight from the plant spirits, and who are we to say they didn’t? Tripping on ayahuasca now appears to be the “cool” thing to do for many people meandering through the Amazon — for many of them, it’s the main reason they go.


Yopo snuff is still used for spiritual healing by some indigenous peoples in Colombia, Venezuela, and the southern section of the Brazilian Amazon. Snuff is often blown into the user’s nostrils by another person using bamboo tubes, or by the user using bird bone tubes (totally National Geographic-worthy, but said to be not that pleasant of a feeling). Blowing is thought to be more effective than snuffing since it enables more powder into the nose and is less unpleasant. Some tribes combine yopo with Banisteriopsis caapi to enhance and prolong the visionary effects, producing an experience comparable to ayahuasca.

Anadenanthera peregrina, also known as yopo, jopo, cohoba, parica, or calcium tree, is a perennial tree endemic to the Caribbean and South America. Archaeological evidence indicates that beans from the tree have been used as hallucinogens for over 4,000 years. The first unambiguous evidence of usage comes from smoking pipes made of puma bone discovered in a cave in Jujuy Province, Argentina, along with the beans (which are broken up to produce a powder that is blown into the nose or snorted). One of the components in the beans, DMT, was discovered in the pipes.


brown and black ceramic figurine

Psilocybin mushrooms are naturally occurring mushrooms that contain the hallucinogenic chemical psilocybin. More than 180 psilocybin-containing mushroom species can cause hallucinogenic/psychedelic symptoms when ingested.

The body converts psilocybin to psilocin, which is the real substance that generates the psychedelic effects. Baeocystin and norbaeocystin are two other chemicals that are commonly present in trace amounts, but the extent to which they contribute to the overall effects is unknown.


There are a lot of other plants that can aid enchanting your wellbeing, from your physical condition to your mental state and emotional comfort. However, the ones included in this article are some of the most powerful and important shamanic plants, with amazing properties and study-supported positive effects on mental and somatic illnesses.

Therefore, if you are interested in channeling energy towards the improvement of your overall spiritual health, longevity and happiness, take the valuable information provided within this article and learn how to put the power of nature to your best use. Hapé, ayahuasca, yopo and psilocybin are all amazing plants to help you reach your purpose and establish a new level of harmony into your life through your Shamanic experiences.

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Being Scent-imental: how fragrances create memories



featured image 2 1 Being Scent-imental: how fragrances create memories

The term “odor-linked memories” refers to the recollections that are triggered by smells. Memories that are associated with odors have a significant bearing on our lives. When these memories are happy ones, our emotional and mental states, as well as our physical health, tend to improve.

In spite of the fact that we frequently consult photographs when trying to recall the events of the past, research has shown that smells are significantly more effective.

Brain scans have revealed that specific regions of the brain are responsible for the formation of vivid memories in response to odors.

Odors are processed by the same group of brain regions that are responsible for processing emotions, learning, and memory. These regions are well known for their abilities in these areas.

When you smell something, specific regions of your brain are activated to process the smell. These are the same regions that are activated when your brain processes emotions and memories. This explains why smells are so effective at triggering emotional recollections in us!

When we have a better understanding of the effects that odor-linked memories have on our lives, we are better able to use those effects to our advantage, both in the short term and the long term.

Marilyn Jones, the founder and owner of B Fragranced and the creator of the brand [ME], built her certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) company on the foundation of this premise.

Her tragic loss of her mother when she was only five years old shaped her belief in the power of scent. Although her memories of her mother were not as vivid as those of her older siblings, she could always depend on the scent of her mother to bring about both comfort and joy. This event informed her belief in the power of scent.

B Fragranced perfumes have the ability to improve one’s mood! When you smell good you feel good. We want our customers to have the confidence that comes from knowing who they are, along with the boldness and attractiveness that comes with that.

B Fragranced now has a greater opportunity, thanks to their partnership with, to deliver their fragrances to a wider audience. These fragrances are memorable, mood-enhancing, and very reasonably priced.

“B Fragranced is thrilled to announce our most recent collaboration with Walmart! B Fragranced now has the space and opportunity to have access to a large audience of new customers as a result of our products being sold on

This opens up the possibility of new customers purchasing our products. Within the first two weeks of our business, all of our inventory was purchased. This partnership has been a tremendous success in creating brand awareness beyond our reach, and we couldn’t be more grateful for it.

Here are some of the B Fragranced products that highlight the power of smell on memories:

B Fragranced Essence Of ME Cologne, 3.4 Oz

This Esssence of ME 3.4oz Eau De Parfum is a bold and contemporary fragrance that was created for a man who is full of passion and has a strong desire to discover new horizons.

The top notes of this masterpiece consist of bergamot and lemon zest, and the middle notes include lily, star anise, and jasmine. A woodsy and masculine finish is provided by the fragrance’s base notes, which consist of musk, amber, and precious woods.

essence of me cologne Being Scent-imental: how fragrances create memories

Black Ice

This invigorating Glass Diffuser will fill any room with a citrusy lemon crème that is rich, creamy, and decadent, along with tart red pomegranates, juicy raspberry, and floral peony.

The necessary, whenever-you-want-it, berry-flavored self-care that you require.

black ice Being Scent-imental: how fragrances create memories

Endless Ocean

Permit the intoxicating aromas of fresh bergamot, ivy, and ocean to prick at your yearnings. To indulge in the beautiful notes of magnolia, sweet honeysuckle, and peony, only to be taken away with the perfect finish of that sweet trace of grape, precious oud, warm amber, and smooth sandalwood.

To indulge in the beautiful notes of magnolia, sweet honeysuckle, and peony.

endless ocean Being Scent-imental: how fragrances create memories

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Gym Exercises to Avoid



Gym Exercises to Avoid

When you enter your gym don’t expect a great workout! Surprised? Check this info out. It is like when you enter the supermarket and expect a delicious meal. All needed foods are there actually, but the final meal varies. Imagination, smart ideas, hard work, and experience are what makes the key difference between a perfect meal and something just eatable.

Many argue that there are no bad exercises, only bad execution.

They have a valid point: any exercise performed incorrectly can be harmful.

However, the exercises that are done properly but still put you at an above-average risk of injury should be avoided.

Let us now go over them.

Gym Exercises to Avoid

1. Avoid pull-downs (Seated behind the Neck)

It is intended for training of upper back and biceps. What should be avoided: no problem for you in case you have very flexible shoulders otherwise it’s difficult to exercise your shoulders correctly with this exercise and so it can cause pain in the shoulder joint and damage it.Gym Exercises to Avoid

What you do instead: incline pull-ups

Place a bar at waist height with both hands grabbed. Keep your body straight and firm and pull your chest to the bar as many times as possible. Lowering the bar makes it harder to exercise while raising it will make it easier.

If you need to practice this in a specialized gym and you have the money for it, you can check out this guide for gold gym membership prices.

2. Avoid Hip Abducting (Seated Position)

It is intended to train the outer part of the thighs. What should be avoided: hip abductor could lead to putting extra pressure on the spine if done with an overweight and incorrect technique.

What you do instead: Place a resistance band around your ankles then try to sidestep out 20 paces and return back under control. This could be hard.

3. Leg Press (Seated Position)

It is intended to train the front part of your legs, hamstrings, and glutes. What should be avoided: It forces the spine to make a curve without activating any of the stabilization muscles of the hips, lower back, and glutes.Gym Exercises to Avoid

What you do instead:

Squats with body weight. Control your descending as far as you can without making your lower back round. Do as many squats as you can and increase the number of sets.

4. Squats on the smith machine

It is intended to train the chest, legs, and biceps. What should be avoided: this machine with its bar attached to a vertical sliding track makes you do unnatural movements makes and puts tension on the shoulders, lower back, and knees.

What you do instead: The same as in the case of squats with body weight or weighted. See the previous recommendation above.

5. Roman Chair Back Extension

It is intended to train erectors of the spine. What should be avoided: repeating the back curves when it’s supporting weight pressure on the spine and increases the risk of spins disks damage.

What you do instead:

While being on all fours extend your right arm forward and at the same time extend your left leg backward and make repeats then switch to another side.

6. Kickbacks of the Triceps

I believe that the tricep kickback exercise is ineffective.

While executing a full range of motion requires some pliability, it’s far too simple to do so incorrectly.

Second, while performing this exercise, you are severely restricted in the amount of weight that you are able to use. It’s simply too awkward to apply significant resistance because your shoulders must be extended and externally rotated.

Because it is so difficult to perform the exercises with both arms at the same time, you are compelled to train each arm separately so that you can improve your overall strength.

In essence, they are a much more difficult variation of a push-up.

However far too many people are trying to perform this advanced exercise without adequate preparation.

Even worse, a lot of workout programs recommend that beginners do a scaled variation of this exercise on a chair or a bench.

The chair makes it easier because your feet are flat on the floor taking away a lot of the weight that you need to lift.

However, the chair dip variation is an awful exercise because many people do not have adequate shoulder range of motion to perform this movement safely and effectively.

When looking from the side many people allow their shoulders to go into extreme internal rotation which is a very compromising position.

This forward shoulder roll leads to a lot of damage to the joint, and more money in your orthopedic surgeon’s pocket.

What you should do instead:

If you want to participate in this exercise, make sure to

TURN YOUR HANDS OUT (not forward) and pinch your shoulder blades together to keep your shoulder joint safe.*o keep your shoulder joint safe.*

grayscale photo of man exercising

Photo by Daniel Apodaca

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