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Top 3 Worst Drive-Thru Food



hamburger, soda, and ice cream set next to pick-up

Try to recall how many hours you spend in your car every day. It probably will be a lot. On average Americans spend 21 hours per week inside their Drive-Thru Food metal boxes on wheels. And nobody is surprised by drive-thru food popularity in this connection. Many people also know that such food is bad for your health.Top 3 Worst Drive-Thru Food

In accordance with the study published in the Lancet journal in Britain those who ate such food two and more times a week gained 10 more pounds on average than those who ate fast food less than once a week. But not all fast food is so unhealthy and it depends on what you prefer. We recommend you avoid these top 3 drive-thru food:

Worst Drive-thru Breakfast

Big Breakfast containing large biscuits and hotcakes with syrup by McDonald’s. It has over 1,300 calories, 60 g of fat, and 50 g of sugar.

This breakfast could be compared with 2 Sausage by McGriddles containing saturated fat, 6.5 large portions of french fries on sodium, 3.5 Hot Apple Pies on sugar, and 3 Double Cheeseburgers on calories. Eggs are the best food for breakfast, but it becomes unhealthy when flanked pancakes, sausage, and buttermilk biscuit are added.Worst Drive-thru Breakfast

A much greater way to start your day is Egg McMuffin with Fruit ‘n Yogurt Parfait by McDonald’s with its 460 calories, 14 g of fat, and 24 g of sugar. The key point is to find snacks with low sugar and high protein and fiber.

Worst Drive-thru Burger

Monster Thickburger by Hardee’s with its 1,300 calories, 95 g of fat, and 3 mg of sodium.

It contained an almost one-third pound of beef. Between beef and bun, there are 4 strips of bacon, 3 slices of cheese, and a big gob of mayonnaise. That’s how it earns nearly twice the saturated fat you should consume in an entire day! Go with the Little Thick Cheeseburger to you’ll eliminate 65 percent of the calories

Much greater if you take Little Thick Cheeseburger by Hardee’s with its 450 calories, 23 g of fat, and 1,2 mg of sodium. Just remember that some burgers are pretty healthy while others could be even dangerous for your health.

Worst Drive-Thru Dessert

Large Double Fudge Cookie Dough Blizzard by Dairy Queen with its1,350 calories, 58 g of fat, and 133 g of sugars

Don’t forget to have your life insurance applied when you eat this dessert. We have to add that the other Blizzards aren’t so much better and in the smallest servings still have not less than 500 calories. Much better, in this case, is to pick the ice-cream flavor of the Blizzard you wish and then additionally ask to add it as a topping to your sundae.

Much better if you take Small Chocolate Sundae with Cookie Dough Topping by Dairy Queen with 360 calories, 14 g of fat, and 45 g of sugars.

Just correct what you’re picking up in the drive-thru and you’ll see your health getting better for sure!

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Health & Sports

How to Start Jogging?



silhouette of three women running on grey concrete road

Everybody is aware of the tremendous effect of jogging. First, while jogging, you train all your muscles including the heart. Second, jogging also helps to obtain a happiness hormone, hence, it serves as an excellent “distractor”. Third, it favors the development of personal features such as self-control and purposefulness. However, it turned out to be difficult enough to start your jogging activity. Here you can find some recommendations.How to Start Jogging2 How to Start Jogging?

Don’t try to win a marathon race immediately

The very first mistake beginners make is a pursuit to pass as long a distance as they can without a necessary break. In this case, your organism protests as you didn’t prepare it for such kind of activity. Instead, do it gradually. Initially combine walking with jogging, and over time just prolong your running. Your target is running for 30 minutes without tension.

Warm-up your muscles

It’s recommended to warm up your body right before jogging. If you ever did weightlifting exercises, then you understand the importance of muscle stretch, for instance. Moreover, try to find places with different relief. Thus, on Monday, you can practice on a beach, on Tuesday – in the mountains and suchlike.How to Start Jogging4 How to Start Jogging?

Be motivated

Nothing is more harmful than a lack of motivation. Maybe your decision to start jogging was just an emotional impulse. But if you are aware of the necessity of it, you need to get ready for the obstacles lying in your way such as simple laziness. If you conquer yourself, then half of the track is passed.How to Start Jogging1 How to Start Jogging?

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Health & Sports

Healthy And Tasty Breakfast



Healthy And Tasty Breakfast

Many people neglect Tasty Breakfast: some of them don’t really want to eat in the morning, and others just don’t have enough time for it. However, breakfasts play a great role in our life, and the initial supply of energy we get in the morning. So, the quality of what you eat for breakfast logically impacts your condition. Maybe you’ve noticed that one person is bright and cheerful, and makes his work energetically, while another suffers from a lack of energy the whole day. There can be lots of reasons for this however a basic guarantee of being full of energy is having a healthy breakfast. Here are some useful details for a healthy morning meal.Healthy And Tasty Breakfast

  • Eggs contain proteins and vitamins A. However everyday consumption is not a good idea.
  • Jam serves as a source of energy. It will promote better mental work however don’t confine yourself to only this kind of meal.
  • White bread toasts are full of carbohydrates. Since they are high-calorie, don’t consume them so much.
  • Replace sugar with honey.
  • It’s recommended to drink green tea instead of coffee.
  • Fresh orange juice will be also quite healthy as it provides you with vitamin C for the whole day.Healthy And Tasty Breakfast

Some ideas for a healthy breakfast

1) A very healthy dish which will make you more energetic is porridge. You can put into it fruits, berries, nuts and instead of sugar add honey to it.
2) Yogurt, berries, nuts
3) Fruit salad
4) Toast + butter + cheese + tomato
5) Boiled eggs, orange juice, and sandwich

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Health & Sports

How To Beat Burnout?



How To Beat Burnout?

Emotional exhaustion is a “curse” of people living in the high-stressed conditions of modern life mostly people who Beat Burnout. Basically, emotional exhaustion emerges because of immersing pressure whether it’s at work, university, or in personal life. A person, who is overwhelmed with such tremendous things as huge responsibilities at work, long working hours, low salary, divorce, or conflict in marriage, has a great chance to be affected by burnout syndrome.How To Beat Burnout?

Four phases

The so-called burnout syndrome has four stages.

  • In the first stage: a person is generally satisfied with his job but gradually the interest in it decreases.
  • In the second stage: apathy and lack of interest in work turn into a “norm”.
  • The third stage: a person constantly doesn’t have enough time to complete his work. Besides, he is irritated all the time, his temper becomes worse and sometimes he acquires bad habits.
  • How To Beat Burnout?In the fourth stage: the person suffers from psychosomatic diseases such as ulcers, asthma, and sometimes even cancer.

    Some tips

    1) The best way to avoid burnout is self-expression. That’s why the representatives of creative professions (artists, actors, musicians) never suffer from this syndrome. So, if your work is not creative, find an appropriate time (during the breaks, for instance) to do the creative things.

    2) In case you are overwhelmed with information, take a little break. Try to avoid the thoughts about the things which can shatter your fragile emotional condition. If you can, just stop thinking. It’ll be a kind of meditation.

    3) Another method that will help you to get rid of emotional exhaustion is development. When a person sees the space for development, it can inspire him to go ahead. At the same time, the routine can be eliminated from the work.

    4) Another reason to lead a healthy lifestyle is that it helps to cope with the pressure. The strong physical conditions can contribute to making your emotional condition stronger as well.

    5) Plan your vacations making them more effective in the sense of recovery. Besides, while you are on holiday, forget about your work. Live in the here and know and just enjoy your pastime.

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