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The Mentalist Cast’s Style In Detail



The Mentalist Cast’s Style In Detail

The Mentalist cast always has to be in style dressed formally considering the plot and the job the characters carry – being CBI (California Bureau of Investigation, which is in reality no more) agents. We are talking about the male The Mentalist cast obviously today to give you tips on looking sharp every day.The Mentalist Cast’s Style In Detail

While Tim Kang and Owain Yeoman are usually dressed in black, navy, or charcoal suits Simon Baker tries various shades of gray and blue. Their suits always fit impeccably. Yeoman sometimes sports leather jackets instead of suit jackets though.

So rule #1 to sharp style is a fitted suit that matches your skin tone. It can be worn with any shirt but The Mentalist cast seem to prefer white ones or those with subtle checks or stripes. The ties vary in prints and colors though without being too garish and too bright. Simon Baker’s character usually wears no tie or bow. And he usually sports a three-piece suit with a shirt unbuttoned at the collar. You will often see him wearing it without a jacket so the vest looks cool with the light blue or white shirt.The Mentalist Cast’s Style In Detail The thing with shiny suits. Not. Cool. If you remember (if you watch the show) during his previous life as a “charlatan” Baker’s character Patrick Jane used to wear shiny suits. The thing about them is that it’s hard to pull them off without looking silly. So avoid too shiny fabrics. But if you still want your suit to shine a bit choose a fabric with subtle shine like this one:

The Mentalist cast style rule #2 – no shiny clothes. Shine distracts from your sharp hairstyle and accessories which are also scarce. Agents don’t use a lot of accessories because of their formal dress code but you can spot a fancy ring on Owain Yeoman’s finger and watches, of course, so be subtle with your accessories.The Mentalist Cast’s Style In Detail

And finally The Mentalist cast style rule #3 is a cool hairstyle. Find your thing, Simon Baker’s blond curls suit his character and overall image. Sharp agent Cho (Tim Kang) has a sleek hairstyle while Owain Yeoman sports very stylish spiky hair.

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Men’s Linen Clothing – Always Stylish and attractive



man in white dress shirt holding glass bottle

These days, linen shirts are very trendy. People need to buy casual and informal attire for parties, nights out and numerous sporting events, as their lifestyles change. Choosing the right casual shirt can be difficult because you will require a different sort of casual shirt for each season. As a result, one must grasp the fabric, quality, and type that would be appropriate for the various seasons.

man in white dress shirt

Amongst all materials, linen has always been – and stays – one of the best possible choices you can make. These superior elegant shirts made of linen cover all the qualities you are looking for in a shirt for any special occasion, from looks to comfort and coziness. The specifics of linen shirts are covered here, so stay on this page to learn what makes linen clothing so great!

Linen Shirts Absorbency

Linen absorbs a lot of moisture, making it an excellent fabric for hot and humid weather. It’s also hypoallergenic, which means perspiration won’t break down its fibers. This propensity to swiftly absorb moisture from the body, along with its lack of flexibility, explains for the ease with which linen may wrinkle.

Fabric and Quality

red white and black striped textile

When you invest time into choosing and finances into purchasing a shirt, you want to be certain that the quality of the casual work shirt or casual t-shirt you purchase is superior. A high-quality cloth will last longer and retain its color and pattern.

Fashion designers have claimed that linen is the only material that may be displayed. The most serious issue with linen is that it has fallen out of favor as a clothing fabric; people have practically forgotten about its benefits. In another sense, the term linen was solely used to manufacture bedclothes or to furnish. However, the numerous qualities of this fabric make it an outstanding choice for so much more outside your bedroom. You can read more about these properties in the next sections below.


Linen shirts during summer

Nothing beats the refreshing, frosty sensation of linen when it comes into touch with skin in the summer. When you wear linen suits or dresses, you make a relaxed initial impression. However, if a formal occasion is approaching, the same linen shirt or dress can be worn without difficulty. Linen is a user-friendly fabric, owing to its capacity to absorb moisture; it is soft and flexible by nature.

Many individuals who travel on vacation during summer are advised to wear linen gowns, dresses, shirts, and even linen pants. They don’t even hesitate to make these purchases because linen is a material that helps them feel at ease when on holiday.

Linen T-shirts and linen pants are appropriate for both informal and formal events. People may get some of the most beautiful designs of linen gowns and outfits. Clothes constructed of this material look great and have a flamboyant feel accompanying them since they are flowing.

Office Clothing Made of Linen

What’s great about these men’s linen shirts is that they may be worn to work because they have a formal yet sophisticated appearance. If you are intending to wear your linen shirt with linen trousers to a beach wedding, these outfits will undoubtedly complement the calm and pleasant atmosphere of the beach.

man in white and gray pinstripe dress shirt and white pants

Guys and girls may enjoy the comfort of linen clothing while yet maintaining a fashionable appearance. Linen clothing has been a part of the fashion landscape for many years and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Linen is considered adaptable since it may be worn during the day, to the office, and to formal evenings. People particularly enjoy buying linen shirts and pants for casual wear. This textile is a distinctive fabric with sharp cuts and edges that may be customized to offer an attractive aesthetic.

The stitching is flawless, and the comfort element adds to its attractiveness when worn to formal settings. People choose linen shirts and linen fitted pants for workplace use, since working all day in comfortable clothing does not exhaust one totally. Linen dresses and gowns provide a refined aesthetic for weddings and formal events. Producing linen is a hard procedure, and the color options are overwhelming. It is an all-time favorite since it is both versatile and pleasant to wear.


Clothes made of linen are timeless in men’s fashion and never lose their cool

Not only is linen an excellent choice for keeping oneself cool during the hot summer months, but it is also regarded as an appealing and fashionable fabric choice. woman in white and blue floral button up shirt wearing black sunglassesIf you don’t like the “crinkled” look of 100% linen clothing, just look about. Many designers now offer linen and silk or linen and rayon blends that combine the best of both textiles.

You may mix and combine unusual things, such as structured jeans over linen shirts, or go all out in linen, but be sure to choose contrasting colors for the overall look. Choose pure or naval white to hide perspiration marks. Wear canvas deck shoes, sandals, or slip on when wearing linen pants. And all in all, feel good in your linen attire – cause that’s what it was made for!

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About Eisbach Watches – Precision Time Instruments



eisbach watch About Eisbach Watches – Precision Time Instruments

We made a serious automatic tool watches and professional divers. Designed with functionality and sophistication in mind. We made a watch that tells a story. And we made it for you!

The art of creating successful automatic tool watches is in the details. And through this art, a complex series of technical feats must be accomplished to produce a precision tool watch. A watch that is unsurpassed in its integrity and style, with a Swiss automatic movement and the latest technological innovations in dive watch construction.

Yes, Eisbach Tidron is a tool watch. But unlike many other precision time instruments, it houses the absolute best in German tool watch design while honoring dedicated Swiss watchmaking.

If you are looking for a top-quality diving watch and/or GMT watch, you have come to the right place.

The Spirit

The world of automatic watches is constantly expanding, and innovations and tastes are evolving at an incredible pace. But one thing has remained constant since the beginning of the watch: The quality of craftsmanship is non-negotiable.

Eisbach watches are inspired by the confluence of natural forces along the man-made river of the same name in Munich. Immediately behind a bridge near the Haus der Kunst art museum, this river forms a standing wave in which river surfers demonstrate their endurance and skill at any time of year.

The same spirit of searching for the perfect wave is in every detail of our tool watches. Our best German engineering strives to meet the needs of these style-conscious customers as well as the practicality of divers, surfers, adventurers, professionals, and modern digital nomads who need high-quality precision time instruments no matter where they travel next.


Our automatic watches are designed by passionate engineers who want to set new standards in style, application, technology, and affordability. We offer you a piece of the best German and Swiss watch technology.

Eisbach watches are also special because we use permanent Trigalight H3 illumination for most watches. This means that you can read the time in all conditions, but also that your watch will look attractive even in low light conditions.

Most importantly, when you buy an Eisbach watch, you get undisputed quality at a very affordable price. There are certainly watches on the world market that is as good as Eisbach, but not at this price.

With the purchase of an Eisbach watch you will get:

  • German engineered tool watch – Swiss made
  • A tool watch that appeals to all aspects of your adventurous soul;
  • Swiss-made automatic movement;
  • Trigalight H3 and Swiss Super-LumiNova BGW9 illumination;
  • 300 or 500 m water resistant;
  • Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating;
  • Unidirectional (diving watch) or bidirectional (GMT watch) bezel with 120 clicks;
  • Bead balsted, DLC Coated 316L Stainless Case
  • Stainless steel or ceramic bezel insert;
  • Stainless steel bracelet or high-quality FKM rubber strap;
  • Screw-down crown at 4 o’ clock
  • Caseback with Eisbach Wave design or exhibition case back for special designed movemenents
  • Shockproof protection;
  • State-of-the-art, high-quality materials;
  • And much more.

When you buy an Eisbach watch, you get a German automatic tool watch and a diver’s companion for life. A watch made with attention to detail.


Our collection offers you two main lines of watches, Tidron E1 (Diver) and Tidron UT 360GM-T (GMT watch), highlighted by the limited edition models: the Tidron E1pro – Ice Fjord Diver, Tidron E1pro Green Land Ice Diver, and the Tidron UT 360GM-Tpro White Silver case or Tidron UT 360pro GM-T carbon.

Each of these lines offers you a wide choice of models with a metal bracelet or rubber strap, with a bead blasted or DLC finish, etc., so you will easily find a watch that suits you exactly.

TIDRON E1 Series – watches that are ready for action and adventure.

This series is enriched by models such as:

  • TIDRON E1 WAI – Available in three different dial colors (blue, green, and black), all with blue Triga Light illumination or SuperLuminova BGW9 for best visibility underwater.
  • TIDRON E1 BLACK SEA DIVER – Comes with a black scratch-resistant DLC coating and anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Available in three different dial colors (blue, green, and black), all with permanent blue TRIGALIGHT H3 illumination or/and SuperLuminova BGW9 for best visibility underwater…
  • TIDRON E1 PRO – Limited edition of Eisbach Watches representing two models: TIDRON E1pro ICE FJORD DIVER and TIDRON E1pro GREENLAND ICE DIVER. The best German tool watch design can offer. It will be strictly limited to 250 pieces, all of which will have an engraved number.for article 03 1 scaled e1669560602538 About Eisbach Watches – Precision Time Instruments

TIDRON UT 360GM-T Series – versatile GMT watches designed for exploring the world around you.

This series is recognizable by two models:

  • TIDRON UT 360GM-T – Available in three variations – with red, orange, or green GMT hand. A watch from this series that will take your breath away is a limited edition TIDRON UT GM-Tpro WHITE with an open casebook showing our Eisbach rotor, Movement with blue screws.
  • TIDRON UT 360GM-T Carbon – The stainless steel case and bracelet with black DLC carbon coating make this watch unique in your collection. This model also has its representative among the limited editions, which is TIDRON UT GM-Tpro White Carbon.

Whichever model you choose from our wide range, you will get a reliable partner for all your adventures.

for article 04 7 scaled e1669560690936 About Eisbach Watches – Precision Time Instruments

Bracelets and straps

Our watches are equipped with stainless steel bracelets and rubber straps of the highest quality and German design.

In uniform quality with the case, we approach the design and manufacture of steel bracelets with the same care and precision, from design development to the production of each link and pin. You can choose bracelets in bead-blasted or DLC coated finish, and they are available in silver, gunmetal, carbon, and black.

The bead-blasted finish with DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating ensures the long life and wear resistance of our Eisbach watches.

Bracelets are 20 mm wide and slightly tapered to 18 mm. The slight taper ensures maximum wearing comfort, and the folding clasp proudly bears an engraved Eisbach logo.

Integrated into the watch case, our FKM rubber strap offers superior resistance to environmental elements found even in the extremes of water. Our rubber straps are made of premium FKM rubber! This most expensive rubber material available on the market offers the highest flexibility and durability against damage or tearing.

Like the metal bracelets, the rubber straps are 20mm wide, and slightly tapered to 18mm. The slight taper ensures maximum comfort, and the stainless steel buckle proudly bears an engraved Eisbach logo.

Your German Engineered Eisbach Tool Watch is ready for action and adventure.

Eisbach Watches

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Melinda Herron, CEO of 103Collection, Supports No Shave November with Grooming Line



featured image 2 Melinda Herron, CEO of 103Collection, Supports No Shave November with Grooming Line

Men’s grooming sales have increased dramatically since 2020. Statistics show that, in part because of the pandemic, men spent more time grooming themselves, resulting in an increase in product use. The category has grown in recent years, and according to Statista, the Global Male Grooming Category will be worth more than $80 billion by 2020. (in U.S. dollars). This trend may come as a surprise to some, but Melinda Herron, Co-Founder of 103 Collection, believes it was only a matter of time before men began using grooming products in the same quantities as women.

Melinda Herron became well-known in the business world in the 1990s for her work as a master stylist, entrepreneur, and business consultant. She is currently the Chief Executive Officer of 103 Collection, a company that specializes in cruelty-free and plant-based beauty products for people with sensitive skin. As a result of her bold and pragmatic approach, she has established herself as a leader in the beauty industry.

We had Melinda sit down with us so that we could ask her about her experiences working in the grooming and beauty industries over the past three decades. During an AlphaMagazine Interview, she shared her thoughts on achieving a healthy work-life balance, the process of developing new products and marketing strategies, as well as how she rose to the top of a field that was dominated by men.

How has your status as an alpha woman prepared you to succeed in the competitive beauty industry?

In order to achieve my goals, I need to be able to enter a room knowing exactly who I am and what this means for women working in a field that is dominated by men. The fact that I am the only woman working in the industry of men’s grooming does not bother me in the least.

When I really think about it, it gives me a lot of confidence. If they believe in themselves and their abilities, women can achieve anything. I refuse to accept defeat, even when it seems like there is no way out of a situation.

I analyze the situation and determine the most effective approach to introduce myself, and then I make the most of every possibility to advance my brand. I never limit myself. It is not necessarily true that something cannot be done simply because it has never been done before. I will always be kind to myself and recognize that the only way to achieve greatness is to give yourself the power to do so.

When you’re not working on expanding your company, how do you take care of yourself and make sure you’re nurtured?

I believe that we should all make time to practice self-care in a manner that, for each of us individually, results in a sense of renewal or revitalization. My personal preference is to spend the day with my family and friends, travel, indulge in a good spa day, try new things, and learn about new cultures.

Other activities that I enjoy doing include eating good food and traveling. Some of the things I do to take care of myself include things like watching documentaries, reading books, and listening to podcasts. It’s interesting to me to find out how and why a thriving business got its start.

What is it about 103 Collection that attracts such a large number of people?

Products that are affordable, healthy, and socially conscious are in high demand among consumers. The 103 Collection promotes openness and transparency by providing a comprehensive list of its ingredients. In addition, if we decide to replace any of our ingredients with alternatives that are more environmentally friendly, we will make sure to let our customers know.

Consumers are sick and tired of being duped by elaborate marketing schemes that exaggerate the benefits of a product before revealing that it is loaded with toxic chemicals that can be harmful to one’s health.
Because we want genuine reviews that let prospective customers experience the genuine energy that lies behind our products, we take a lot of care in the selection of the influencers that we work with.

“One day, I asked myself, why would a man want to grow a beard? I looked at it from the same angle as why women want thick, healthy hair… I believe that men require products that address all of their common issues while also ticking all of the clean beauty boxes.

Herron created her vegan grooming and skin care products to appeal to health-conscious bearded urbanites, and she quickly discovered a niche that piqued the interest of consumers and retail partners. 103’s small team took a grassroots approach, traveling across the United States and curating small events to introduce the brand to potential customers. This, combined with an aggressive social media outreach strategy, resulted in a group of devoted repeat customers.

Men began to gravitate toward the brand not only because the products were healthy, vegan, and affordable, but word spread that 103 was owned by a woman. This dynamic has proven to be a valuable asset to the brand, with Herron remaining the driving force behind product development and marketing.

Marketing to a predominantly multicultural audience, 103 will undoubtedly benefit from African American spending power, which CNBC estimates will exceed $1.6 trillion in 2021. Herron, who has a degree in Business Management, has carefully considered her brand’s unique positioning, consumer value, and market competition.

With all of the features the brand has developed to gain a competitive advantage, 103 recently became leaping bunny certified. This certification demonstrates the brand’s dedication to providing cruelty-free products. Currently, the brand sells beard wash, beard oils, and unisex skin care products. All of these products are vegan and suitable for a variety of skin types.

Scotch Porter, a male-owned brand known for providing textured hair products and promoting wellness in the African American community, is a strong competitor for 103 Collection. This messaging is similar to 103’s and promises to make for interesting future comparisons. 103 will soon be sharing shelf space with household names like Shea Moisture and Jack Black, thanks to new retail partners like Target and Meijer.

With the growth of grooming products and an increase in global spending power, it will be interesting to see how 103 Collection evolves over the next few years. Millennials have demonstrated a distinct approach to building thriving beauty and lifestyle brands, and we wouldn’t be surprised if this one followed suit.

But for now, let’s just look at a couple of Melinda Herron’s products for this year’s No-Shave November:

featured image 1 1 Melinda Herron, CEO of 103Collection, Supports No Shave November with Grooming Line

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