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Peter Crounch Visited Aaron Biber’s Barber Shop After London Riots



peter crouch Peter Crounch Visited Aaron Biber’s Barber Shop After London Riots

Recently London has suffered from rioting. The looting overwhelmed the city ravaging lots of shops. Among those whose business was blemished was a Tottenham resident’s barber shop. It took 40 years for 89-year-old barber’s shop owner, Aaron Biber, to build up his business in the area whereas his ‘child ‘ was ruined just in one night on August 6, 2011. The looters took everything they could take and smashed everything they could smash except one thing – a signed photo of Peter Crouch. After the famous England footballer had heard about the looter’s attack on Aaron’s barber’s shop, he decided to visit the man. As a result, Peter Crouch was given a warm welcome and…had his hair cut.Peter Crounch Visited Aaron Biber’s Barber Shop After London Riots The footballer said,

I wasn’t expecting to get a haircut but I needed one and was in a barber shop, so I thought “why not”?

Aaron Biber became a popular figure as the media keep on reporting on his difficult situation. He told me he couldn’t restore his barber’s shop because he had no insurance. So, the “Keep Aaron Cutting” campaign was arranged to support the deserved barber. Lots of sympathetic people did their bit for restoring Aaron’s barber shop. Commenting on this,Peter Crounch Visited Aaron Biber’s Barber Shop After London Riots Peter Crouch said,

It was sad to see what had happened to his, and a lot of other people’s businesses and lives, after the recent troubles. But it’s great to see the response so many people have given.

The campaign turned out to be extremely successful since £35000 was collected just in several days.


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Brazilian woman, former model, killed by Russian troops



Brazilian woman, former model

A former model or Brazilian model who joined the Ukrainian army just three weeks ago has died in a Russian bombing in Kharkiv.

Thalita do Valle, 39, had been on humanitarian missions around the world and had previously fought against ISIS in Iraq, according to Brazilian media.

She was killed last week after a missile hit a bunker in Kharkiv, a city in northeastern Ukraine that has been heavily bombed since the start of the war.

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Thalita’s brother, Theo Rodrigo Viera, said his sister was a hero who saved lives and participated in humanitarian missions. He also said she had been in Ukraine on a rescue mission for just three weeks and in that time had survived a bombing.

brazilian model sniper ukraine dead 021 Brazilian woman, former model, killed by Russian troops


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