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Financial Advice: How to Build Fortune



Fortune or a good solid family budget that’s always there is something everybody considers once in a while. However, to actually achieve this you have to understand how and what needs to be done. Even if you don’t end-up with a Donald Trump fortune you still will learn hoe to manage your finances and accumulate good budget that will support you any time.

So in order to start building your fortune you should probably think about getting a job in some of the most perspective and well-paid spheres like informational technologies or PR. But if you do not have the qualification or do not have the desire to work there start managing your money right. What does it mean?

  • Cut unnecessary expenses. Do not waste money on products and services that you do not need.
  • Set priorities: pay for the rent, get a good suit for highly-paid job, etc.
  • Money have to work. Make investments, make your money work but before giving those away for some unplanned ‘business’ to your friend or neighbor consult with a professional finance planner.
  • Make money. You can work 12 hours a day and still get nothing or just right to live up to the next payday. Grow as a professional, be better in what you do, and keep your finger on the pulse in the sphere you work in.
  • Pay debts before interest rates make you bankrupt.

Be Desirable Worker

Being a high qualified professional can give you perks when applying for a job. You can count for more money, better work place and some social securities. To be a desirable worker you should know not only your profession but you should also be able to make social connections and promote yourself. Ethics, professionalism and high qualification can win you not only some good job offerings but also some helpful connections.

Don’t Ever Count on Luck

Do not gamble, it’s illegal and worthless. Do not waste money on lottery tickets. You won’t win. It always happens to somebody but us. Count on yourself. Do not expect someone leave their fortune to you. Money don’t fall from the sky. But if it did make sure it’s legal and make sure to manage it right.

Money Investment

Money investment can either bring more money or secure it, but it also can take your money away. So before investing in anything consult with a professional. Make sure to have a back up plan and some budget for emergencies. To avoid fraud always check the background of the organizations you trust your money to. Do not expect quick and big interest rates or paybacks. If someone offers you unbelievable interest rates on your investment you better not believe it.

Real estate is a great money investment but as with any investment you should be very careful before investing your money into some old shack that will most likely be taken down or just require even more investment.

Fortune building is not only about making lot of money. It sure helps, but if you manage your money right, invest wisely and keep it flowing in you will surely have a decent budget that will secure your future.

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Power & Money

Highest Salary Careers




Let’s list professions with high-salary potential . So if you have to choose your professional path, take into account these recommendations of career salary expectations based on Labor Department survey.

This annual income data is taken from the U.S. Labor Department survey. These professions sound unusual, but at the same time they are highly paid.

Art directors

If you are an art director you have the potential to have high salary package. And no matter which direction you prefer exactly magazine, website, book publisher or agency in all cases this career can lead to big bucks. According to the U.S. Labor Department, the average pay for art directors is $91,500. So what do you need to become an art director? You’d better have an extensive work portfolio together with a good experience for proving your professional level for the position. As for the very start considering art and graphic design to study in school is a good starting idea. As for higher education, choose paralegal associate’s or bachelor’s degree and this will provide you with skills relevant to art-director career. In case you already have a degree earning a paralegal program certificate will help.

Fashion designers

Fashion designer has a surprising potential to high payments. Annually the amount could reach $74,000 if you are a fashion designer. Another information provided by Labor Department is that mostly fashion designer positions prevail in New York and California. Fashion design study is your first step towards this career. You can earn an associate degree or bachelor’s degree to meet expectations of employer.

High school Art, Drama or Music Teachers

This teaching title is far from springing to mind first, but the average compensation is really competitive. The average annual salary for this creativity oriented profession is $68,200 according to U.S. Labor Department. For this position you must have bachelor’s degree as well as complete a teaching education program. And another requirement is having license to teach in your state.

Police officer

Top Potential High-Salary Careers

This can surprise you too, but working on this public service has the potential for well paying. According to the U.S. Labor Department, annual salary for police officers is about $55,000 on average and $83,500 for the top ten percent of officers. The reason is that law and order profession remains a sacred priority in the States. The musts are high school diploma and at least minimum working experience. While federal agencies expect a college degree in their requirements according to the U.S. Labor Department.

PR specialists

Many companies are willing to pay a lot for PR professionals. In fact an average annual salary for this career is $59,300 plus there are ten percent of PR top earnings and it is $96,630. So what you need is to get a bachelor’s degree in a subject like communications and have public relations working experience, according to the U.S. Labor Department.

Advertising Agent

Many companies rely upon advertising agents. Ten percent of top advertising agents make averaged at $94,100 annually while the rest have income about $53,000 in average. Most employers require you to have a bachelor’s degree to work in sales, according to the U.S. Labor Department. The recommended studies are communications, marketing or business.

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Make Money on Valentine’s Day




We all know that Valentine’s Day is a holiday invented by Hallmark and candy companies to make money. So why don’t you stop only spending fortune on St. Valentine’s Day and go make some money on it. Invest the extra revenue in something for your sweetheart or simply pay rent; there’s no reason to miss this opportunity. A few simple ideas are listed here.

Instruction 1

Sell items like roses, handmade cards, candy or jewelery. These things make perfect gifts for the holiday and are fairly easy to make in bulk. If you’re talented in the kitchen you can sell homemade truffles, chocolate-covered strawberries or even cakes.

Instruction 2

Offer services, such as flower delivery, shuttling or dining service. Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest nights out in a year for many people. Others buy massages, pedicures, up-dos and waxes for the big event so any skills in the service industry can be put to good use

Instruction 3

Start a blog or write a book about Valentine’s Day or even the anti-Valentine’s Day movement. These days there are as many people against Valentine’s Day as there are for it, and services like Google Ad-Sense make it easy to generate revenue.

Instruction 4

Perform somewhere. Many of the higher-priced restaurants offer openings to provide music and entertainment on holidays and weekends or there’s always your local club, bar or hangout. Even if you choose not to pursue a professional venue, simply performing a moving ballad on the streets may get some romantics tipping on Valentine’s Day.

Instruction 5

Throw a Valentine’s Day singles party and charge a cover fee. You’ll be surprised at how many people are dying to get out of the house and meet someone new on a night normally reserved for couples.

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Sick-leave worth 10 Billion




Apple had almost $10billion reduce in its value during just 4 minutes. The stock had been sailing along near its all-time high of $360 a share on Wall Street on Thursday lunchtime when it suddenly fell to around $350.

Market analysts are blaming unsubstantiated rumours about Apple founder Steve Jobs being in hospital. The mini-collapse shaved $9.9billion from Apple’s value before the stock began to rebound.

Nobody actually knows where the hospital rumour started, but Jobs was reported to be seen at Apple’s HQ in Cupertino in recent days looking healthy.

The analysts say there might be more reasons lying behind the loss, not saying anything specific. Andy Zaky says that smaller-than-expected lines for iPhones being sold by U.S. company Verizon can be put forward as a possible reason for the sell-off and the flash plunge.

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