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beautiful girls

If you want to know where in the world you can find the most. The answer is EVERYWHERE! All around the globe, there are lots of awesome chicks Chicks you will fall for. It also depends on your taste of course.beautiful girls

For instance, if like you Asians, then you can choose to go to Japan. Here are pretty pale-skin girls with cute Asian eyes, black hair, and skinny shapes. These nice ladies will make your masculinity rise as you will want to protect fragile creatures.


Or, if you like a black woman who has tiger eyes, gorgeous black skin, and sexy lips, then go to South Africa. They are very passionate and exotic. So, you will experience the wildness of their nature and will open it in your personality too. So, South Africa is a great choice.beautiful girls

Maybe you turned out to be an amateur of eastern appearance. Persian girls have big beautiful eyes, lush hair, and good figures. In spite of the fact that they have to wear headscarves and be extremely modest, overseas some of them reveal their natural beauty. So, don’t lose your chance.

If you are a fan of classic European beauty, then Sweden women are exactly what you are seeking. The majority of them are blond, tall, and blue-eyed. According to the surveys, most European men prefer precisely Sweden women’s appearance. Moreover, they are open and very sociable. So, you won’t be bored anyway.beautiful girls

Brazilian girls are known for their sexuality, gorgeous shapes, and wonderful skin. Besides if you travel to Brazil, you will get a pleasant surprise. At any time, you can enjoy looking at the women wearing bikinis.

So, just choose where to go, man!

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Brazilian woman, former model, killed by Russian troops



Brazilian woman, former model

A former model or Brazilian model who joined the Ukrainian army just three weeks ago has died in a Russian bombing in Kharkiv.

Thalita do Valle, 39, had been on humanitarian missions around the world and had previously fought against ISIS in Iraq, according to Brazilian media.

She was killed last week after a missile hit a bunker in Kharkiv, a city in northeastern Ukraine that has been heavily bombed since the start of the war.

The rocket attack also killed Douglas Burigo, 40, a former soldier in the Brazilian army, who had returned to the bunker to retrieve Thalita. She had been the only person left in the bunker after an initial rocket attack.

Thalita worked as a model and actress and studied law. She has volunteered in several war zones and documented her experiences in videos posted on YouTube.

The videos show how she trained to become a sniper when she joined the armed forces in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Thalita’s brother, Theo Rodrigo Viera, said his sister was a hero who saved lives and participated in humanitarian missions. He also said she had been in Ukraine on a rescue mission for just three weeks and in that time had survived a bombing.

brazilian model sniper ukraine dead 021 Brazilian woman, former model, killed by Russian troops


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Beautiful Women

Welcome Back: Miranda Kerr’s Hot Pictures Gallery



Miranda Kerr1 1 Welcome Back: Miranda Kerr’s Hot Pictures Gallery

Miranda Kerr is back on track as she poses with other Victoria’s Secret models at the party celebrating the launch of new swimwear. Looking fantastic in that fitting dress Kerr looks like she has never been pregnant.Welcome Back: Miranda Kerr’s Hot Pictures Gallery

Hot Aussie model gave birth to a baby son in January with husband Orlando Bloom. What a lucky guy!

Bio and Career Facts

Miranda Kerr2 1 Welcome Back: Miranda Kerr’s Hot Pictures Gallery

Miranda Kerr with two men models

Miranda Kerr was born in 1983 in Australia. She began modeling at the age of 13 and has won a nationwide model search by Dolly mag and Impulse fragrance. After graduating from school Kerr went to study Nutrition and Health Psychology. After some modeling experience, Kerr joined Victoria’s Secret in 2007.

Miranda Kerr1 1 Welcome Back: Miranda Kerr’s Hot Pictures Gallery

Miranda Kerr during visiting the hills

Since then Kerr has walked not only for VS but also for many other fashion brands and designers as well as appearing in fashion magazines such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and others. In 2010 Kerr was ranked number 9 in the Top 10 Earning Models list by Forbes. And, of course, she’s been ranked among FHM 100 Sexiest Women.

Personal Life

Miranda Kerr

A very romantic pic of Miranda Kerr in his bedroom.

Miranda Kerr practices Nichiren Buddhism which involves yoga, meditation, and spiritual education. She has also written a book Treasure Yourself for young girls about self-esteem. In 2010 she married Orlando Bloom and in the same year in August, they announced about expecting their first child Flynn. Congratulations to happy parents, by the way.

Kerr is now getting back to her modeling with Victoria’s Secret. She has also walked the runway for Balenciaga during this Fashion Week. We can’t wait for her new work with Victoria’s Secret and fashion spreads.

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Beautiful Women

Katrina Bowden – Sexiest Woman Alive



Katrina Bowden – Sexiest Woman Alive

Esquire has ended its Sexiest Woman Alive tournament having actress Katrina Bowden winning the title of Sexiest Woman AliveKatrina Bowden Katrina Bowden – Sexiest Woman Alive. The photoshoot is called Me In My Place and as the name suggests takes place at Katrina Bowden’s. Posing in some hot lingerie Katrina Bowden is also filmed giving a Sexiest Woman Alive speech.Katrina Bowden Katrina Bowden1 Katrina Bowden – Sexiest Woman Alive

Bowden began her career modeling at the age of 14 while she’s been attending the all-girls school Saint Thomas More in Midland Park, New Jersey.Katrina Bowden3 Katrina Bowden – Sexiest Woman Alive Signing for a couple of episodes in a soap opera One Life to Live as Britney and Law & Order: SVU has brought Bowden to 30 Rock where she plays Tina Fey’s hot assistant Cerie.

Katrina Bowden4 Katrina Bowden – Sexiest Woman Alive

Katrina Bowden has also appeared on Ugly Betty as Heather and has played a female leading role in a hilarious movie Tucker Dale vs Evil starring Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine. Now check out Katrina Bowden‘s acceptance speech video and hot pics of the Me In My Place photo shoot:

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